Integrated Chinese 1

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Lesson 2

Employ basic kinship terms

What is the typical family structure?

In colloquial Chinese, 这can also be pronounced as zhei and 那nei if followed by a measure word or a numeral and a measure word.

"Son“ in Chinese is 儿子,and 儿子 cannot be replaced by 男孩子. Daughter is 女儿, and 女儿 cannot be interchanged with 女孩子

的 p (a possessive or descriptive particle)

个 m measure word for many common everyday objects

Lesson 1

Most Chinese family names are monosyllabic. There are, however, a few disyllabic family names such as ouyang and situ.

Family names precede official titles or other forms of address: 王老师Literally, Wang Mister

When addressing strangers, it is proper to say先生or 小姐following their family name.

百家姓The Hundred Surnames

When talking about Chinese family names, most Chinese people will reference or mention the Hundred Surnames. The book records the known family names of the Northen Song Dynasty in the 10th century. The 400-plus family names included int eh work are arranged in quatrains with each eighth character thymed.

quatrain 英[ˈkwɒtreɪn]


n. 四行诗; 四行的诗节;

[例句]Mame Hucheloup, a good likeness, went and came from morning till night before this quatrain with the most perfect tranquillity.


The book was a popular reading primer recited by schoolchildrean

In Chinese, family name always precede personal or given names. Personal names usually carry auspicious or positive meanings. In Chinese culture, a person is seldom referred to by his or her family name alone, especially if the family name is monosyllabic. For example, Wang Peng, should not be referred to simply as Wang.

When meeting someone for the first time, it is polite to first ask for his or her family name, rather than his/her full name. Then the question你叫什么名字?can be asked to find out his or her given name or full name.

In Chinese culture the use of given names often suggests a much higher degree of intimacy than is the case in the West. If one's given name is monosyllabic, its use is even more limited, usually confined to one's lover or spouse. For example, Wang Peng's girlfriend can address him as Peng, especially in letters, but most people would call him Wang Peng rather than Peng.

honorable surname

ascertain someone's nationality

请问is a polite formula to be used to get someone's attention befoer asking a question or making an inquiry, similar to "excuse me, may I please ask.." in English

小姐is a word with two third tone syllables. The tone sandhi rule applies, thus making the first third tone小a second tone. The second syllable 姐 can also be pronounce in the newutral tone.

好 it's settled

贵 honorable, expensive

姓 to be surnamed

呢 question particle

姓 is boh a noun and a transitive berb. When it is used as a verb, it must be followed by an object. 你姓什么?What is your sturname? Lit: You are surnamed what?

姓is usually negate with不 我不姓李

However, when 姓is used with 贵 to form a respectful or polite expression to ask for someone's surname, the proper way to inquire and to respond is as follows:

remember to drop the honorific贵when you reply:

One way also hear people respond to 你贵姓by saying免贵姓王lit: Dispense with the honorable. My surname is Wang.

Question ending with呢

呢often follows a noun or pronoun to form a quesiton when the content of the quesiton is already clear from the context.


When 呢 is used in this way, there must be some context. In each of the two examples above, the context is provided by the preceding sentence, 我姓李.

The basic word order in a Chinese sentence runs like this:


The word order remains the same in statements and questions. Remember that you don't place the quesiton word at the beginning of a question as you do in English, unless that question word is the subject.

Mix and mingle

Getting acquainted




adj. 表示尊敬的;

[例句]He was given the honorific title of national chairman


The verb叫 has several meanings. It means "to be called" in this lesson. Like姓, it must be followed by an object, which can be either a full name or a given name, but seldom a given name that consistes only of one syllable. 不能说 我叫朋。

Lesson 2

The original tone of 不is a 4th tone. However, when followed by another 4th tone syllable, 不changes to 2nd tone, as in 不是

吗 question particle

The verb 是

In Chinese, 是 is a verb which can be used to link two units that are in some way equivalent. These two units can be nouns, pronouns, or noun phrases, e.g., 你是老师吗?我是老师。

Questions ending with吗

when 吗 is added to the end of a declarative statement, that statement is turned into a quesiton. To answer the quesiton in a affirmative, drop the 吗 from the end of the question; to answer the question in the negative, drop the 吗 , and insert a negative adverb-usually不-before the verb.




adj. 陈述的;

[例句]To be applied to code using declarative security.


He has quickly adapted to American college life

has a secret crush on sb.

The negative adverb 不

In Chinese there are two main negative adverbs. One of the two, 不 occurs in this lesson.

The adverb也

The adverb 也 basically means "too" or "also." In Chinese, adverbs, especially one-syllable adverbs, normally appear after subjects and in fromt of verbs. They usually cannot precede subjects or follow verbs. The adverb 也 cannot be put before the subject or at the very end of a sentence.


These dialect, which are often mutually unintelligible, are usaully divided into eight groups...

Putonghua:common language

国语 national language

华语 language spoken by ethnic Chinese people

It is the lingua franca? for intra-ethnic (among different Chinese dialect speakers) as well as inter-ethnic (among ethnic Chinese and other minority groups) communicaiton in China.

Its grammar is codified from the modern Chinese literaray canon, while its pronunciaiton is based on the speech of Beijing.

China officially recognizes 56 ethnic groups.

speak their own distinct languages

extensive listening and practice

Because of the bilabial or labio-dental nature of bp mf, o sounds almost like a diphthong or double vowel uo. It glides from a brief u to o.

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